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Frequently Asked Questions
Things you may want to know before the party
Below are some questions that many people ask before or after they’ve booked a party

What exactly is a Cheeky Party?
A cheeky party is life drawing but in a fun party environment. You have a naked male model who will pose for you and you can draw them anyway you wish, you even get to decide on the poses, whether you go for the more traditional or something more erotic. There are a selection of games that are usually pre-chosen to suit your group, if you're after something more raunchy then I am sure some of the games will tick that box for you. All of the finer details can be discussed prior to the party so everyone knows what to expect. At the end of the party you'll have the opportunity to paint the model directly on his skin!

Is the guy really going to be naked?
Yes, the model will be completely naked apart from maybe his glasses.

Do I have to be able to draw?
No, it's only a bit of fun so it doesn't matter if you can draw or not, just join in and give it a try. Some people are content drawing a stick man while others produce much more detailed work. No one is going to mark your work or give you a detention, even if you only focus on one body part, everyone can draw something.

Can we take photographs / videos?
Yes, it’s your party and it’s natural that you’d want some photos or videos from it. While "Facebook friendly” photos are preferred, sometimes you’ll want more in the shot.

Does he talk/chat while we’re drawing him?
Yes, he will engage in conversation with you, after all it’s a party not an art class, unless of course you don’t want him to speak. Feel free to ask him questions.

Do I have to join in the games?
No. There is no pressure for anyone to play any of the games. If you prefer to sit out games, just observe, or even leave during a game, that is all fine. The model is not there to make you feel uncomfortable.

If we pick the poses are there any limits?
Yes & No. Yes, you can pick absolutely any poses you like, it's your party and the model is there for you. That said, please remember that the model is not super human so the poses should be easily maintainable for 5 minutes, also the poses cannot include anyone other than just the model. Some of the poses people have asked for are not your typical sort of life drawing poses (i.e. where the model is normally completely still), the model will be happy to do your pose if he can so let your imagination run wild.

Does the model get aroused?
Not normally no, but this really depends on the party, how it is going, and what you are expecting; this is often discussed before the party so the party can be pitched more or less as you want. As mentioned before, it’s your party and the model is not there to make anyone feel uncomfortable. 
There is a game during the party where people get to anonymously suggest poses; some people describe poses that are towards the more erotic end of the spectrum. It is only for fun but if there are a few in the group that don’t want poses like that the model will simply pick another pose from the suggestions. It’s your party and it’s your choice.
Please remember though that sometimes guys just get aroused for seemingly no reason and they can’t always get aroused on demand.

Can we touch him?
Yes. There are games, if you want to play them, that involve touching. Remember that he is human so be gentle.

Are we allowed to drink alcohol during a party?
Yes, and although the model doesn’t drink alcohol, it is quite normal for everyone else to enjoy the party with a lot of alcohol. That said, no one wants to spoil a party by drinking too much, but your friends will know people’s drinking limits etc. Some people adapt the games to include a drinking element, we can go with the flow.

Do we get naked?
Not normally, no. If however you want to then that is up to you.

At the end of the party we get to paint the model; how does that work and are there any limitations?
At the end of the party the model will have pots of paints, these are safe to be painting directly on to his body. You can use a paint brush or fingers to make your design come to life. A dust sheet covers the area of floor where the model is just in case some drips off.
Depending on the number of people that want to take part this is usually done in shifts. There is a physical limit to the number of people that can comfortably fit around the model, around 3 to 5 people works best otherwise you get in each other’s way.
The only limitation regarding painting the model is that you can only paint from his neck downwards; everything else is entirely up to you and nothing is off limits. Some groups paint randomly, different shapes and colours, whereas others decide on a theme. Let your imagination run wild.

Is there anything else we should have asked?
It is your party and the model is there to entertain you so you have control over most things. If you’re looking to just draw a naked man you can do that. or there are plenty of games to play if you want something a little more interactive. If you like a particular game you can play it again or if a game isn’t to your taste it can be skipped or swapped for another. If you have ideas during your party we can try those too. It’s a party, you’ll have a great time!
If you're interested in booking a cheeky party please send a message. We can discuss your requirements and pick the most suitable games for your group based on how prudish or wild they want to be; I've done parties at both ends of the scale so nothing comes as a shock.

If there are any other questions, concerns, or ideas please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I can also send you details of each game before your party so you can decide which you want to include or exclude. 
Enjoy your Cheeky Party