Cheeky Party
the sophisticated party experience

During your cheeky party there will be various games that can be played, some are anonymous pose suggestions whereas others are a little more interactive with people posing with the model. The games can be discussed when you are booking your party.

Anonymous pose suggestions; everyone gets one of these for free. You write on a card your idea for a pose; you can be as vague or as detailed as you like but obviously the pose has to be physically possible to hold for approximately 5 minutes. The anonymous pose suggestions can only include the model and not other people. So as an example a pose suggestion could be very basic such as "sitting", or a lot more detailed "standing with you hands on your hips, looking down at your feet, one leg resting against the wall"

The interactive game is where people get to pick a blue "model" card and a pink "artist" card. This can either be a random selection or you can look and see what you are picking, or you can let other people pick the cards. On the reverse side of the card there is an outline of a body with a part highlighted. The pose will mean the part of the model that is highlighted on the "model" card has to be in contact with the part of the artist highlighted on the "artist" card. This game usually is very entertaining, more so if others pick the body parts that have to be in contact.

There are many games to choose from, please feel free to drop me an email to ask about them

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Below are just some of the games options but there are several others.